@plausocks oh god I don't even want to look up how old my account is

@kaniini I've never seen a paragraph with so much cognitive dissonance dripping from nearly every word

Would someone be willing to draw me a ham sandwich with speakers attached?

Captioned "Totally not a pirate ham radio" ?

10/10 would commission if you have example work and respond with a price / turnaround.

boost for visibility please :borglove:

@revenant .zip wasn't Xtreme enough, they had to make it a .xip

i like that apple's developer website forces you to download stable releases through itunes, indirectly showing off the app's 3/5 star rating with the first featured review containing the phrase "this version of xcode has completely ruined user interaction"

oh no I'm getting flustered at the idea of giving headpats

@pea gonna withhold headpats juuuust long enough for you to get whiny and THEN rub right behind your ears until you're a quivering mess

@pea now I'm stuck in a quantum superposition where not bullying you is also bullying because you asked me to

@pea alright alright, I shouldn't bully you like that or you won't last a month

*pets anyway*

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