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Yesterday was shit but today is the enemy.

@lanodan if you think it'll work, go right ahead.

I've been railing against this guy going AWOL on broken plumbing and ignoring patches and moving @system packages to MS Github for *years* and nobody gives a shit apparently. The only way anything's gonna get fixed is rewriting a lot of code.

@lanodan even if people manage to evict him from that position, he's still self-assigned owner of EVERY OTHER init package in gentoo

@quad “mayonnaise” is the bougie spelling of “boomer pus”

If you get a telemarketer, play this sound to them and they'll go away forever:

Nothing like saying "I don't exist" to a computer and having the computer believe you.

@kaniini no stop button on the force feedback either so the plane just does whatever the fuck it wants

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