@tedu good to see they've totally ignored all the problems other architecture-astronaut systems like IPFS have had to figure out (poorly)


@trysdyn they're falling over themselves to unwittingly answer the original question. That thread's a gold mine.


Tell people there's an all-you-can-eat buffet in the local sewer and they'll not only queue up for it, they'll drag unwilling participants along too.

How to use Mastodon as a DDoS tool 

How to use Mastodon as a DDoS tool 

current state of gentoo QA 

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or if I'm gonna pay the cost of this at least make it a version of opencl from this decade

Dear Pesky Plumbers:

don't make *ruby* a build dependency for opencl stuff, ffs

@trysdyn To be honest I'm not sure how this is going to turn out, but I'm still hoping for catastrophic failure on their end and anyone who deals with them.

I don't think anyone clueful's going to repeat the same mistake of assuming they're a good-faith participant in the network like what happened with gtalk. The internet was a whole lot more naive back in 200X.

@trysdyn imagine twitter trying to muscle into this network and the only servers that'll federate with it are mastosoc, gab and the right wing elements.

$ rg --no-filename --count-matches --ignore-case 'meep' irclogs/

absorbing reams of information, not like a sponge, but like the carrot pufferfish

F-Droid combines all the software choice of the eeePC's default package repos in 2007 with the reliability of Windows 95's networking libraries

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