@vantablack joke's on the chuds

the red pill is literally a HRT reference, they're red irl

@revenant this is the most offensive fg/bg contrast I have ever seen in my life holy shit

that's twice I've made basic bitch typos today and I blame it on masto-fe's general lagginess

this client could use some work but other than that (and not prefilling @'s in replies) it's usable

food, thread (tutorial) 

Partial list of tech curses I've committed

- Load-tested my first HDTV by plugging in an untested Atari 2600 fished out of some trash
- I had another one but just thinking about that thing has corrupted my short-term memory

if anyone OUTSIDE THE US has a kaniini-shaped hole in your company, for the love of fucking christ let me know

@Kat @ry00001 *shrug*
It's not exactly a cheap loop to set up so I wouldn't call it an exploit so much as a reward

@Kat @ry00001 I wonder if ProjectE/Thermal still have the infinite energy exploit with magma in a pulveriser

[extremely horse_js voice] 

oh right, whole point of this program is that you've gotta opt out of benchmark pissing contests to get real work done

@pea when your entire language looks like someone typing qwerty on a colemak

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