this client could use some work but other than that (and not prefilling @'s in replies) it's usable

jpeg of a big hairy spider 

it's been hiding behind there the entire time

hasn't it


a blog having a normal one with JS and accessibility

Picture 1 is what looks like without all the crap enabled.

Picture 2 is what it'd look like if they bothered to set a reasonable size on their decorative icons and removed the pointless warning.

Don't be like sourceforge.

One of the reasons I have fosstodon muted is that it's full of twitter sewage pipes like these, but this one's hilariously badly executed.

goddammit my overly detailed zdoom1 skybox doesn't even load in odamex

at least the horizon linedef works

the worst hashtag 

The problem with punchcard activity graphs on the likes of GitHub is that they surface too much metadata about someone's personal life.

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