just so everyone is aware, husky, the pleroma/mastodon app for android, was originally forked from tusky to make it possible to browse gab again, something tusky had made impossible. whatever nice features it has added since then, i would ask you to consider if using the nazi app made for browsing the nazi website by nazis is something you want to do


@esvrld tusky should just steal the worthwhile features back. really want to see them explode when that happens

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@flussence @snailerotica @esvrld the new features are pleroma specific so there's really no reason for someone on a mastodon instance to use husky besides fashy reasons. Mastodon doesn't have emoji reactions or instance stickers etc. so support for those features wouldn't do anything for a mastodon user.

@snailerotica @flussence @esvrld I don't remember the features themselves, but I do remember someone at some point mentioning that husky had features that tusky didn't.

@ari @snailerotica @flussence @esvrld it was some handwavey statement like "oh it's better with this specific configuration of pleroma" or something

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