There's a fun thing happening on birdsite right now:

1. most of the corporation's user support offices are empty due to disease
2. appeals of automated bans, which require manual review, are going unanswered as a result
3. various breeds of human skidmark have realised this and are taking the opportunity to wipe out vulnerable soft targets by abusing the report button

brace for Yet Another Fucking Influx i guess

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@flussence They haven't got people handling those from home?


"No corperation can handle moderating that many people"

Man if only there was a way to decentrialize moderation so each moderator only had a few people to manage, and instances with poor moderation can be filtered out.

If only.

I would consider this as an opportunity and invite the people you do want to see on Mastodon

@flussence am I the only one who is okay with Twitter eating itself?

@BalooUriza i'd be celebrating it honestly, except every time one of these corporate silos screws up even a tiny amount we get another Eternal September over here

@flussence Well, not really "eternal September", just regular September.

@BalooUriza you'd think so, but i'm still seeing the after effects of the tumblr collapse from 2 years ago in places.

@flussence I think it depends on the amount of exposure. Like, there's a lot of casual users that might not necessarily get that more serious users are shooting for a more idealized version of the web.

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