what's even the Shannon Limit of a the volume of a microSD card

Wolfram Alpha helpfully tells me a microSD card is 165mm³.

and nothing else

thanks i guess

@flussence how did they make a terabyte fit on a microSD. what is computer.


@unascribed it doesn't even ship to my location apparently. A thing that weighs about 0.5 cornflakes.

@flussence people buy this!! there are people out there dropping $200+ on a MICROSD CARD!!!!!!

@flussence the switch probably can't even address a full fucking terabyte! can exFAT handle a terabyte???

@unascribed at that scale you lose like 200GB to Hard Drive Manufacturer Math so

@flussence oh shit these are out available to buy now?
not that I have any use for a 1TB fucking microSD card but still

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