humerous technology rant, xserver bullshit, :archlinux:​💯💯💯memery💯💯💯 

When you get a new laptop, and install arch, but the media keys are all fucked up because they have ID's higher than 255 and X server is 8-bit for some reason...

So you have to use evdev to test the keys individually for the hardware "scancode," then xmodmap -pke to list all the software *key*codes and then you have to manually scroll through the 255-8 (for some reason) keycodes and their functions to find the right ones you want.

Then you have to use setkeycodes [scancode] [keycode] to rebind them manually HOWEVER you have to subtract 8 from the keycode number because for some reason beyond human comprehension the kernel decides to add 8 to the keycode.


this is such a windows-tier problem my lord


humerous technology rant, xserver bullshit, :archlinux:​💯💯💯memery💯💯💯 

@Petra_fied I've got *three* keyboards that do this. they're MS ones

something possessed me to keep going after the first one

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re: humerous technology rant, xserver bullshit, :archlinux:​💯💯💯memery💯💯💯 

@flussence you're braver than me then :p

honestly though that's super impressive :o

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