okay who's the patient zero for this “fedi should have no admins” take and why does it sound like something a repressed power-grabber would say

@flussence sounds a lot like the "Mastodon shouldn't federate blocks" thing someone posted on the issue tracker

@ben @flussence Mastodon shouldn't federate blocks, it should federate the side effect.

@kaniini @flussence how do you propose that Mastodon federate "this user can't see this public post but other users can"

@alexis just like Voat with its absentee admin, obviously. That went really well.

@hierarchon I saw like 5 posts shooting it down all at once and I can't see anything else on the public TL

I like to believe that someone has been thinking about that take for a while, then they saw that Eve was a dot social mod and said "oh for fucks sake"

@flussence i've been saying that for years t. an anarchist

imo federation is doomed by design

#p2p solutions are the future; change my mind.

@xj9 “every man for himself and the weak will perish” is not a sustainable model for any kind of human interaction.

@xj9 yeah well I know what Real Anarchy is supposed to look like, but that's never going to happen with the current human condition.


> syndicates/cooperatives are impossible

hmm i don't think the facts support your assertion

@xj9 as a social network on this scale, yeah they kinda are. Without designated mediators empowered to get shit done, dealing with assholes becomes an O(n) problem.

You can't vote with your feet if you're surgically shortened to the same height as everyone else.


depends on the design of the social network, honestly. have fun :)
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