Having this sinking feeling that I need to toggle [ICAgICAgYm9vYnkgdHJhcA==] *again* to find a missing thing

1. turns out I didn't
2. the thing I was looking for was already done

I'm continuing to attempt to ruin everything regardless

so I just found out Baba Is You has F2 bound to "restart the game instantly without confirmation", by trying to take a screenshot, which I had bound to F2

@JulieSqveakaroo I dunno what happened there lmao, it did a big update for something, all the text was like that, then I restarted it and it was all normal

@flussence :oof:

I use dumb garbage like ctrl+shift+4 for this exact reason

@flussence but also f2 as a secret reboot button doesn't make any sense. why is there a secret reboot button at all?

@proto every other update seems to be "removed leftover debug thing" so it's probably one of those

@flussence in unrelated news, if we were a game dev we’d totally put a creepypasta mode keybind in for someone to find accidentally and give the internet a grand old time

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