Ever wondered why Mastodon feels so laggy when you're trying to type a message?

This is the amount of JavaScript it runs on every keystroke.

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@flussence virtual DOM is fast, they said. It's the right way to do stuff, they said. tbh if we take into consideration, that mastofe is written in react, this isn't that bad.

@flussence This is why I want desktop client (like Corebird for Twitter).

@sir @flussence Web browsers were useful tools that worked well. Then js came along and webbrowsers became basically badly written OSs, and everything got fucked up.
@d_ @flussence @sir As far as I know, he was never forced or under any kind of obligation to release it after only 10 days. Even if that were the case, it has had quite the time to improve itself, but most it got was just syntactic sugar to make it look slightly more appealing when found in source code.
@replikvlt @d_ @flussence @sir Not having any of them is best. The web was intended for text. Other applications outside the browser are better at doing whatever you're trying to accomplish with java applets, flash or js.

@tyil @replikvlt @flussence @sir Let's just build all software on top of WASM, then finally we will have the year of the Linux desktop, when the underlying OS becomes completely irrelevant. Instead people will wait for the year of the Firefox desktop.

@d_ @replikvlt @flussence @sir Just as how they're still waiting for the Firefox phone?

Besides that, I'd rather not. Browsers are objectively horrible platforms for performance and security. WASM isn't going to solve any of that, no matter how hip it is to pretend it does.

Java applets were normal programs atleast, they relied on your internal java setup and were just downloaded java applications, they were not running in the browser (or not completely.) Still i think it is good they died because they sure might've turn into something JS is now. And instead just live peacefully in my memory as a warm and precious thing
@d_ @flussence @sir

@flussence i suppose this is why it is literally impossible to type a post on my imac g3

(i've succeeded only by writing it in textedit and then pasting it)

@ky0ko that sounds like torture

I try to use it on an Atom netbook and it is Not Fun

@ky0ko (this screenshot was taken on my desktop with tons of cores and GPU, not netbook)

@flussence this kind of thing is why i wish developers were required to do development and testing on low-end consumer hardware

@ky0ko @flussence it’s why i keep an iphone 3gs and shit tier android phone around.

@NHonigdachs if you look at the number line between the graphs, it's jumping from 22,360 to 22,470ms, or taking over 1/10 of a second for a single letter.

That's bad enough on its own, but if you look at the green framerate graph it stays at around 1fps whenever it's busy doing this. So if you type too fast, the entire UI just backs up until you wait for it to catch up. On old hardware it's common to type out entire paragraphs and have to wait a minute to see them appear.

what the fuck is masto even doing anyway? lmao



Damn; what version of FL Studio is that‽

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