Mozilla pays its CEO a 7 figure salary but it's moving to Discord's Recaptcha as a security model because it can't afford to hire anyone in all of Silicon Valley who knows how to set up SASL on an IRC server, or explain how IRC works without yelling "fuck" every other sentence.

They should really be running an in-house Matrix server. It'd be a perfect fit for the company that thought Weave has acceptable performance.

@Gargron @flussence there are so many things out there, like 10 Slack clones and at least XMPP and Matrix that picking Discord is at least suspicious.


Rocketchat and mattermost works solid and support fedration and easier to maintain

@Gargron @flussence

@flussence they could take the ceo's salary to pay for the matrix server but it still wouldn't be able to handle more than a few hundred clients :dvalul:

@anna @flussence wtf ? run on a single (big) host) and handles thousand of clients.

@erdnaxeli @flussence to get a hosted matrix server that handles as many users as my $40 linode that runs mastodon on it is $1000/mo

@flussence maybe they should try Zulip? It's not quite Weave wrt. features, but AFAIK it's somewhat in that direction. They could even use the SaaS version if they can't be assed to host one themselves.

@flussence to make matters worse discord actively bans third party client users.

@flussence can you please provide links to support your claims?

@flussence All the while jwz gazes in the distance and wonders what in the heck his company has become
@flussence Also mozillas refusal to roll their own here is quite telling considering the NIH syndrome they have across a lot of their stuff (Rust for example comes to mind)

@flussence I think the problem is neatly summarized in the first 8 words of your status =(

@flussence i think it's just that… you can't have a CEO in silicon valley without paying them six figures.

@mattskala @flussence Nah, just quakenet. Like email, IRC is means which can be used in a sane way.

@flussence This is disingenuous. Mozilla is not moving to Discord. Half of Rustlang did, but Rustlang is not Mozilla. I'm 99% sure that Discord is completely ruled out for Mozilla.

@flussence No, they could do that if they cared about security of the end user.  They do not.  They care only about the security of their bank account.
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