📌 new pinned post thread containing links to all my semi-important old ones because they were taking up way too much space, much like this subject line is doing 

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(Amendment to pinned thread) 

This locked account status is solely to keep out things that everyone agrees should be quarantined to hellsite - bots, techbros, clout-seekers and other toxic waste. I accept any other follow as long as I can see some degree of self-awareness.

Since it wasn't clear enough the first time:
🚫 no randos from :mastodon: Your trial period has expired.

Also if someone's tailgating me into your replies and being a shithead lmk so I can block them

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(2nd Amendment to pinned thread) 

Mastodon, being the user-hostile software it is, sends no visual indication when someone sends a follow request unless I go digging through menus so don't freak out if it takes a few days to get to.

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(compressing a bunch of pinned posts from the last month into this index to make room for new junk later) 

「What The Actual Fuck Is Wrong With You」 — a series of loosely related posts about living in dangerous proximity to creatures born with a clout gland instead of an empathy one:

① Some Of You Sad Fedi TL People Are Mutuals With Radioactive Lying Evil Gremlins And It Shows

② No Really, Listen

③ Or You'll End Up Like Them

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