ok I guess I'm writing an init system this year because I don't want to disappoint smol rabbit

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I've actually done the hardest part, I came up with a name for it a year ago

I just need a logo

maybe I should be doing this instead of bitching about things all the time

@lanodan I have logo ideas

I just haven't committed to them yet because inkscape has too many deps and I keep getting sucked into algorithmically generating SVGs and Math Is Hard

@flussence I tend to write my SVGs with $EDITOR and $BROWSER.
Inkscape fails hard to launch theses days.
@flussence init system as in like linux init system (upstart, systemd, whatever) ?

@dashie init system as in the system that comes after init. Writing a PID1 is boring and it's been done to death.

@flussence ah, I personally went the "let's rewrite a whole init including PID1" because lol why not
(that was a mistake)

@dashie I've been tempted to; I keep bumping up against the rough edges of runit. If it gets too hard I could always throw that out and use s6 though.

@flussence if you don't plan highly sophisticated features it isn't /that/ hard.
I gived up because my dependency graph is borked and my brain can't process logic.
@flussence all libs I tried were producing the same wrong order result so I just stopped here because writing my own algorithm wasn't worth the pain :p
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