It's good praxis to block “free speech” instances. As we can see today, free speech is really a euphemism for “unmoderated”, and spammers know this.

@flussence Or "I want to be free to say hateful offensive shit and deflect from it by saying anyone who doesn't agree with me is just being repressive" etc.

@Mateo That too, but that's hardly exclusive to those places or their ideology. Getting rid of shitty violent people will take long-term, maybe uncomfortable community introspection.

Spammers and marketers, on the other hand, are brain-dead and easy to exterminate without remorse.

I guess it depends on the language and country. I've seen instances from countries where freedom of speech is not a protected right that have used that sort of nomenclature for their community.

@jeffalyanak I didn't realise that was a thing. People in that situation are valid.

I guess I should be clear it's the US-political types who invent fictional threats to their freedom of expression and then use that to justify bad decisions that cause the problem.

Yeah, I definitely know exactly the type of person who you are talking about. Freedom of speech is not an excuse for being shitty to people.

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