Sysadmin tip: update any Let's Encrypt certs around the start of December to minimise the chances of shit breaking over the winter holidays when you may not have easy access to fix it

also test your smoke alarms on the summer/winter solstice if you don't do it on DST change days

me dredging this post up was inspired by finding out my router's got a 2³²ms wraparound bug that completely breaks everything so hard not even a reboot fixes it. Now I have to remember to power cycle it at least once per 49.7 days. I should probably trash it and get a better one

also by yesterday's stuff. that kinda stressed everyone out

oh right I gotta get my DNS renewed some time in the next 12 months too.

@flussence what kind of inhuman monster measures milliseconds with a 32-bit integer

@unascribed the MIPS4k TSC, I guess

There's probably long been software workarounds for it but haha like cheap consumer trash would get updates

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