I'm staring at the css grid documentation, and the pleroma frontend, and the huge empty space below this textbox, and I'm getting some *awful* ideas


Hey remember when I got all hyper over these stupid barely working CSS hacks? (see containing thread)
Seems like it was only yesterday ok it was 2 days ago whatever

Now YOU TOO can click a bunch of web2.0 buttons to turn your masto UI into a horrible mess:

(Also if you haven't uninstalled Stylish, here's yet another reminder that it's been spyware for like half a year)

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🎉 Mastodon 2.5.0 🎉 is out so naturally I wrote a userstyle to completely disable one of its headline features (reply counts)

See thread above for a link, or just click here to install it in Stylus: gitlab.com/flussence/masto-css

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Colby has mind-controlled me into updating this CSS thing, the bugfixes file now puts the double arrow back on replies. hooghhhh

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hey I completely rewrote the clickjacking user-CSS thing, if you're using it smash that ï½¢Check all styles for updatesï½£ button

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📣 🍨 CSS thi🆖er updated for 🅱️leroma-related reasons
🆑ick thread for a link

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Updated my user CSS thing to make it slightly more obvious when you're looking at posts from months ago, so you don't unintentionally go dogpiling someone:

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Gonna delete the masto-css repo from gitlab for the time being, so the links in this thread will no longer work.

I'll put it back up elsewhere once I find hosting that isn't overtly evil

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@flussence I already nerfed it to 0/1/1+ and you still need to hide it? 😔

@Gargron @flussence can we just get like A LOT of user selectable options cause thats what I am here for...

@flussence i am a bit amused about your warning about the stylish addon being spyware, and what gitlab is starting to become...

@clarjon1 I knew they had the y-combinator startup growth hacker brainworms but I really didn't predict they'd turn to absolute shit like this in the span of ~6 weeks

@flussence oh is THAT what caused it.

Yay for "investors" money having a louder voice at first.

I know they've announced they're not gonna do this anymore, but still. They were willing to do it once...
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