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me crawling to the end of this decade and then hearing the real sonic 3 credits music for the first time

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📌 new pinned post thread containing links to all my semi-important old ones because they were taking up way too much space, much like this subject line is doing 

It is an exciting time for the #Glimpse project!

We went into code freeze today, and submitted the Linux port to the Flathub beta channel.

The unsigned Windows installer was also completed and sanity checked just a few hours ago.

We are now hard at work preparing documentation and getting ready to push the builds out to stable distribution channels.

Hopefully we will be announcing the release of 0.1.0 on Friday, but this may slip if the publishing process takes longer than expected.

mastoadmin meta stuff 

sudden influx of account delete announces from in my logs. Guess they must be feeling the burn from being defederated from half the network

apparently all I need for informed consent HRT is $220 for the first visit! too bad i dont have that!

if anyone would like to donate to the cause, I'd be forever grateful!

(I'm basically begging y'all at this point, I'm so tired of paying for the grey market option which may or may not be safe)

thanks bro, now I know that linux t-shirts are cultural appropriation and oppression I will go back to windows I GUESS °

if you ever need free mediawiki hosting then for the love of god just use, don't put your audience through this

ok that's not as terrible as it could've been

still a long fall since the days where it only took sub-60s

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