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Hey remember when I got all hyper over these stupid barely working CSS hacks? (see containing thread)
Seems like it was only yesterday ok it was 2 days ago whatever

Now YOU TOO can click a bunch of web2.0 buttons to turn your masto UI into a horrible mess:

(Also if you haven't uninstalled Stylish, here's yet another reminder that it's been spyware for like half a year)

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post v1.1 /
k I'll stop being lazy and do a proper one for this account

Hi this is my super-serious main account don't stare at it too long or you'll explode

I've run for about 1Β½ decades, I wrote/use half an init system because I was bored, I speak varying amounts of and the usual command line stuff, and I don't care what you use as long as it works
(unless it's a . woodpecker pro don't @ me)

i'm very tired

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Too lazy to redo all the pinned posts from my mastosoc account so I'll just link to them here and fix it up later (probably never) [ post] [code of conflict]

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User interfaces like this that try to be all "relatable" in a cutesy, cultivated-marketing-identity manner really rub me the wrong way. I've taught ESL and I've studied other languages and this is really frickin' obnoxious for folks who aren't native speakers. Cut it out, tech companies.

#UI #UX #design

I've noticed internet forums tend toward two extremes: complete immutability with a proofreading step (e.g. Slashdot, LWN), or hardcore editorial centrism (editing/β€œdeletion” functionality with a heap of arbitrary limitations and usually failure to convey enough information to users).

The former is annoying, but the latter is Harmful. Sometimes literally.


this instance lacks battery level emoji so I have to be perpetually peppy flkgajlkghalkjv

i want a girl with a short skirt and Show more

Lololol for real? It has been 6 months since GDPR and you haven't figured out how to serve your newspaper to the EU without breaking the law? You are definitely "engaged on the issue".

signal is the foss equivalent of controlled opposition and you should not use it

I've only got 2 arms and more than 2 people need a hug

please help me budget th

i am genuinely terrified at the scale at which the tech industry has the capability to absolutely fuck the entire world for profit

normal people: *systemd discourse*
me: so here's why I need to setgid multiple groups on one binary

should i start using the powers of satan and vaping

suggestions for future revisions of the unicode spec

U+3F075 Combining Thinking Hand
U+D9724 Combining Patting Hand

hot take: .com/.org/.net should be deprecated and new registrations in them aliased across all 3

still thinking about all the minimal effort deltarune remixes on youtube that accidentally contain We Are Number One because they all used the same midi file and then didn't bother listening to the entire thing when they were done

Would be a fluffy dragon thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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