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post v1.1 /
k I'll stop being lazy and do a proper one for this account

Hi this is my super-serious main account don't stare at it too long or you'll explode

I've run for about 1Β½ decades, I wrote/use half an init system because I was bored, I speak varying amounts of and the usual command line stuff, and I don't care what you use as long as it works
(unless it's a . woodpecker pro don't @ me)

i'm very tired

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and 2) πŸ“Œ I'll no longer accept followers from after today, or any instance with over 6 digit user count, unless I've had some significant prior interaction with them.

If anyone there still wants to follow me, please go follow @flussence, because that's the degree of interaction I choose to have with that instance

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Hey remember when I got all hyper over these stupid barely working CSS hacks? (see containing thread)
Seems like it was only yesterday ok it was 2 days ago whatever

Now YOU TOO can click a bunch of web2.0 buttons to turn your masto UI into a horrible mess:

(Also if you haven't uninstalled Stylish, here's yet another reminder that it's been spyware for like half a year)

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Too lazy to redo all the pinned posts from my mastosoc account so I'll just link to them here and fix it up later (probably never) [ post] [code of conflict]

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alright, my laptop's fan has been screaming the entire time I've had this tab open and it lags like hell just to type in this box. fuckin' webshit.

I'm just gonna take this week off of mastodon.

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is neofetch too big for you? install ufetch for a smol experience

I mean, Nouevau has not seen many improvements for some time now, I feel like community is finally growing tired of the ways NVIDIA treats them, and after seeing that there is a better way (that being AMD example from earlier).

Don't buy NVIDIA, please, for the love of god, this has to stop.

One of the (many) main reasons Google+ failed is that their HTML deliberately uses algorithmically-generated keysmashing to make any kind of client-side tweaks damn near impossible

@flussence I personally love the BBQ flavor of the NTSC-U release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Yum!

ActivityPub is actually sloppy enough that there's no technical obstacle to implementing things such as being able to fav the fact that a post has 4/20 boosts/favs, you'd just apply the fav to the activity event that got it to those numbers

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ebooks bots are a trick to steal your soul, like those infernal "camera" contraptions

this is the worst time of day

america people are going to sleep, euro people are barely awake, my entire feed is full of rabbits

connection's starting to choke harder than this masto-fe text entry box chokes my cpu

PS4? more like PS-vore
xbone? more like T-bone
nintendo switch? literally flavoured carts they aren't even hiding it

PS3? more like PS-pee
xbox 360? more like xbox pee-sixty
nintendo wii? more like nintendo wii

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