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ok I guess I'm writing an init system this year because I don't want to disappoint smol rabbit

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📌 new pinned post thread containing links to all my semi-important old ones because they were taking up way too much space, much like this subject line is doing 

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[smash bros challenger screen] Microsoft Sam soisoisois into battle!

going back and triple-checking after the fact that I dropped furry art links into the right irc channel

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason.

I am not your instance admin


make furry as strange and unmarketable to advertisers and profiteers as possible

just a reminder that instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason! there's no reason for us to need it

so if someone ever DMs you and asks for a password, report that DM! It's definitely a scam

@flussence id like to remind you that pleroma supports logging in with, discord, eventbrite and steam

LB: kinda glad in hindsight that this server's “we don't block other instances” tagline survived all of 5 minutes after I signed up

"You should let your users decide who to block and what servers to block"

Fam, my users are here in part *because* I run interference for them and wall off the bad actors so they don't have to.

Damn I must've missed the news that pfSense went and milkshake ducked *hard* a few months back

I love how many technologies are just people removing features, finding out they're important, and then reimplementing them on top of their less-useful thing.

Like people who use UDP and then realize they need all the things TCP gives anyway.

Or people trying to implement a relational database in Redis.

Or the fact that the internet has tried to invent email somewhere around ten thousand times now.

Alayna is like a cat lady but with light bulbs instead of cats

Every new edgy server that joins the fediverse thinks they are the chosen one to finally break it and/or lead it glory. We've been through it a hundred times before, you're just not that important.

oh wonderful the pants I'm wearing have a gigantic tear in the back

it's not even centred

imagine shitting up half the internet and then having the audacity to complain when you get banned on sight in the other half.

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