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i think i might've misclicked something when i was clearing out obsolete follows the other day

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designated folding@home shitpost thread 

"mom can we have folding"
"we have folding at home"
folding at home: βˆ’3πŸ”»

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it's been 1 year minus one week since Snail Race

we can't do one this year because of the pandemic but here's pears

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new rule: you don't get to slide into my replies with techbro bullshit unless you have more F@H points than me

interacting with certain people irl always leaves me feeling like i've had the shit beat out of me

i might have found something worse than arm FJCVTZS 

x86 FYL2XP1

here have a subpost 

imagine getting mad on public that actual disabled people can reply to your faux-woke shitty uninformed takes about accessibility to point out how factually wrong they are

sticking MALLOC_ARENA_MAX=2 in /etc/profile and watching speechlessly as everything allocates 70% less vm

It would be so easy for someone i've talked to in the past and never actually clicked the button to come along and tell me i accidentally unfollowed them and i'd probably believe it because this thing literally gives me no way of knowing

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where's the japanese extremely sharp functioning knife made entirely out of cake video

actually fuck it

iphone users don't even deserve javascript webm codecs. they deserve broken web pages

following recent events i am now very strongly of the opinion that NOPE

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