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just encountered an audio file in my random playlist and the artist has my deadname and definitely isn't me

you go dude, you can keep it. I'm free of the curse now

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I keep this 🔵 on even if I'm not entirely feeling it so other people have something to anchor to

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📌 new pinned post thread containing links to all my semi-important old ones because they were taking up way too much space, much like this subject line is doing 

has anyone managed to run Doom on a printer yet

not talking about hacking the onscreen menus to boot prboom or anything

I mean 35 pages per second

came across random people stuck on that one Baba Is You level (you know exactly which one) and I'm cackling

paste <(neofetch -L) <(yes $'\e[36G\e[0m' | head -n20) <(inxi -c11xPINGAS)

i'd post the output of this command but i'm already overburdened by the shame of hacking it together

pagliacci goes to the doctor, says "uspol, mh -"

donʼt talk to me about your fancy “Unicode” shenanigans unless youʼre going to go all-in⸮

Worth noting that we are a Portland, OR company and don't do remote for engineers right now, though I believe we're open to paying for relocation.

Hi friends, the small (15 ppl) startup I work at is hiring a JS developer and will be hiring for other eng positions soon. I feel lucky to be working here. Ping me if u have questions!

RTs appreciated <3

a few snippets from our open-source handbook:

When someone tells you to “grow up” they're telling you to both throw away what little joy you have in the moment and to cease living sooner. And to some small extent, the act of them doing so causes that to happen.

Speculative execution: if Intel can't get it right after 20 years, you probably shouldn't be doing it socially either.

Kobe Bryant 

i'm surprised i haven't seen anyone on fedi mention Lenna's Inception, it's an extremely good game

maybe because it's written in java

extremely webdev take 

2019-nCoV coronavirus 

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