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Be Like Water:

• knock people on their ass when they're not paying attention
• break computers by touching them
• support all types of fish

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henlo i “wrote” “C” “code” because I didn't feel like installing theme changer programs that scribble all over my settings files just to get one particular side effect (reloading the gtk2 theme)

do whatever you want with it

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just encountered an audio file in my random playlist and the artist has my deadname and definitely isn't me

you go dude, you can keep it. I'm free of the curse now

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I keep this 🔵 on even if I'm not entirely feeling it so other people have something to anchor to

not a take just a fact 

i dunno i try my hardest to contain the internal screaming so nobody else has to hear it but sometimes it leaks

Mastodon more like the cool thing called "not work half the time

announce i'm going to do the bare minimum out of laziness but it ends up being out of crushingly bad mh too

it's world backup day (PSA) 

Whenever I search for how to do something with software and end up reading some forum thread, it goes like this:

User 1: Hello. How do I do thing?

User 2: Here's a brusque explanation on how to do thing, also please search next time.

User 3: Thank you, this helped me too

Moderator: Do not bump old threads. This is a great taboo among our people and your family will be our enemies for generations.

User 4: Hey, it helped me too! Thank you!

Moderator: A pox upon both your houses, this thread is now locked *bangs gavel*

once you get to 15 days playtime in animal crossing the red zone starts

uspol, birdsite link ++ 

maximum furry trash post 

my finger's all bloated like i accidentally jammed it in a door

i know what i did but that wasn't it

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