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ok I guess I'm writing an init system this year because I don't want to disappoint smol rabbit

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📌 new pinned post thread containing links to all my semi-important old ones because they were taking up way too much space, much like this subject line is doing Show more

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Still no job, and freelancing has pretty much dried up completely.

If you've got a couple bucks spare I could use the help. :/

(And thank you. I hate to ask *again*, and I can't wait until I'm the one able to *send* money to folks in need. #transcrowdfund )

2:30am shower because I'm a completely functional member of society


Google: we're going to provide real-time 4K 60fps graphics over the internet and the controller will connect directly to our servers

also Google: can't stream a 480p 30fps video that was uploaded a week ago without horrible buffering

ukpol, Brexit, petition to revoke A50 Show more

Bitcoin Miners Beware! I Will Patent Your Life!

ami ami ami ami ami ami ami ami ami ami ami

I've been saying forever that it'd take half a day to fix this permanently by having server-peering like IRC with an extra timeline that just combines all their local ones into one place

you don't need a pressurised firehose of sewer water

mastodon users: “we have MRF too”

also mastodon users: “why is the federated timeline a perpetual trash fire”

hashing the potatoes to get some of that bitcoin

when you make a farm in minecraft is that called cubic roots

*is dragged off stage*

Why does a chicken coop have two doors Show more

like how can anyone literally compare driving cars to the Holocaust and then turn around and say I'm the horrible person??

racist cops in US schools Show more

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