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designated folding@home shitpost thread 

"mom can we have folding"
"we have folding at home"
folding at home: βˆ’3πŸ”»

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new rule: you don't get to slide into my replies with techbro bullshit unless you have more F@H points than me

there's some odd network shit going on

yesterday i found a notif for an extremely sus follow request on my phone and found none pending when i checked, today i found two rando xmpp servers (one a fedi address) connecting to mine in quick succession and doing nothing

after being exposed to a larger sample size of them, i don't think "cubic and wisest human" was an exaggeration

Reasons why 16-bit sonic is better than 16-bit mario:

- more than one midpoint per level

i am not simply vibing

i am complicatedly vibing

i am a rube goldberg vibrator

transformation, praise kink 

TF via compliments

Taking an ordinary human and telling them how big and proud their ears are, and how long their tail is, and how cute it is when they follow instructions

Even if none of these things are immediately true, their need to please the speaker and hear more of that praise makes them true

for legal reasons, the following is a shitpost and should not be interpreted as anything more than that 

Can't say this in my classes, or in mixed company, but for fuck's sake, in this day and age, fucking pirate your textbooks. Fuck the academic publishers with their legal monopolies and overpriced bullshit.

what if instead of idle games we just called them cookielikes

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