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Hello internet! Since a lot of fucking idiots out there are having trouble understanding the problem with the internet witch hunt they've been jumping into this week, I've drawn a handy diagram to help you explain it to them!

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Hey remember when I got all hyper over these stupid barely working CSS hacks? (see containing thread)
Seems like it was only yesterday ok it was 2 days ago whatever

Now YOU TOO can click a bunch of web2.0 buttons to turn your masto UI into a horrible mess:

(Also if you haven't uninstalled Stylish, here's yet another reminder that it's been spyware for like half a year)

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post v1.1 /
k I'll stop being lazy and do a proper one for this account

Hi this is my super-serious main account don't stare at it too long or you'll explode

I've run for about 1Β½ decades, I wrote/use half an init system because I was bored, I speak varying amounts of and the usual command line stuff, and I don't care what you use as long as it works
(unless it's a . woodpecker pro don't @ me)

i'm very tired

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Too lazy to redo all the pinned posts from my mastosoc account so I'll just link to them here and fix it up later (probably never) [ post] [code of conflict]

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well that's ruined my day and now I don't have the spoons or hours for anything else.

try again tomorrow

mix fix_ap_users is dead. it’s dead, my friends. dead.

wtf this is so cute

like, completely impractical and i would never put them on a keyboard, but

Time to see what's happening on lwn, the only decent tech news site--

>There are 310 unseen comments since Sep 18

oh god no.

next time I post something like β€œthat'll be on the arch wiki” without providing a link to the exact page and section someone slap me

#collage #MastoArt #Photoshop "Alien Lover" - 6 panels in wood frame. Alternating background colors: orange, purple, & cream w/texture. 1)Knife slices purple sphere on white flowered plate w/old ad-text behind. 2)Musical notes in closeup. 3)Plate hangs over purple-tinted house/garden, w/more old ad-text. 4)Cartoon line-drawn women against purple watch sky. 5)Purple tulip in close-up superimposed over another garden clip. 6)Purple alien w/big eye & floppy bunny-like ears plays trumpet.

salesman: *slaps fragile objects off top of table*
salesman: *meows for more*

I meant think about it.

Cats lay on piles of laundry because they smell like you, their precious human.

Dragons lay on piles of shiny things because they're precious.

Cats are a distant evolutionary cousin to dragons, thanks for coming to my ted talk.

has anyone tried running out of money in shenmue to see what happens when you can't pay for the bus home

is it like pokemon XY where you have to do awful things

@dog touches the red spheres and keeps going anyway

new objective: follow one of every eeveething on fedi before 2019

note: fediverse experts recommend following cute glaceon girls for an optimal experience

Turns out I can just wire up acpi volume buttons to do `ddcutil setvcp 62 +/- 1` to change the volume on my monitor instead of procrastinating for months on writing a huge complicated script like I did for backlight adjustment. oh well

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