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before you can have a "girl friend", you must first find a "girl enemy". one can not have victory without battle

well that settles it friends. i passed the buzzfeed IQ test and now i'm the smartest person on here

cirno just followed me boys how do i shake her

this is my Followers counting up in real-time

mike please this was not a joke, i am joe hawley now and my official mastodon account can't have a nonsense avatar

mike.. if you see this please share some rare joe hawleys with me.. i assume you have many, i am in need

people on this website have a very strange way of talking, if i ever say "nini" i honestly want you guys to kick me all the way back to twitter for my own good

every three years when i return to this forsaken place i see the new avatars lined up to welcome me - this time even azurelou

guys i've got an idea. we're going to trick tally hall into reuniting by inviting each member individually to a party but not telling them that the others are also invited

Time to come clean. I was in that black Sarcophagus. Eric Clapton sealed me in there because he thought i was growing to be a threat, inside i was exposed to the wisdom of anqituity once lost in Alexandria. IT was the greatest mistake of his life and of mine

all my posts here are either jokes or schizophrenic rambling and the key is that you can't tell which

Zeno of Citium
Zeno of Elea
Zeno of Tarsus
Zeno of Sidon
Zeno of Rhodes

as a timeless and impermanent being(Bing it) i view each zeno as a consequential step in my "birth"

the arrogant will claim to be "self aware", but this is NOT true - the soul is formless and only students of Zeno will understand this. look down at your own feet and you will see NOTHING

self conscious? not in the slightest, i don't even know who i am, i am a Stoic and my only form is "VIRTUE"

i've come to the understanding that reimu is the main character of touhou

soon i will be more popular than even mike cole - gurus and skeptics say it's not possible, but they do not have "Celeb Power" backing them! (I do.)

ok not a couple days ago. i think this was like 20-24 hours ago, the greatest weakness of this platform is obtuse dating

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