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before you can have a "girl friend", you must first find a "girl enemy". one can not have victory without battle

energy levels reaching INSANE highs as we speak. power flowing through my veins and radiating around me

you FOSS mobile gamers have historically discouraged me from staying up but i'm actually unstoppable now

hey what's up linux users, i'm currently about 18 hours into my quest to stay up for 28 hours. feeling confident rn

1. as the eldest son i will inherit this instance and the rest of mike's estate (SNES cables, big money salvia pics & vids, tally hall albums etc)

what happens if mike deactivates

mike cole made youtube recommend this to me(investigative journalism)

currently getting boosted repeatedly by the bros

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psa: el chombo is not "thick"

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over the last few years he went from mild weeb to unyielding waifuist

perhaps, in some sense, he found happiness. but nonetheless, press F

there are some serious weebs on this website but very few of you could hope to best my twitter mutual who just posted pics of his k-on body pillow

i rescued a tiny bird (sparrow? cardinal?) from a neighborhood cat earlier, it's too young to fly so it's going to a bird rehab thing

cc @mike

my friends... the time has come to choose sides. where do you stand?

is final fantasy tactics advance (gba) good
i've only ever played ff 1+2 dawn of souls

the nichijou pic bot has been replicated on, very unsurprising discovery today brothers

you guys will share this but i don't think a single one of you will actually earnestly reflect on how m*ssed up it is..

ever occurred to you guys that mr potato head's entire body is actually a potato? it's true

my touhou knowledge is limited pleas e help me friendly weebs