i've been working on this tabletop worldbuilding game for a long time, and now its out~~

the ground itself is a one-session collaborative storytelling game about places over time, and the echoes we leave in the physical memory of space

you can get the pdf on everestpipkin.itch.io/the-grou

ok i'm gonna stop boosting the moving message now sorry everyone haha


periodic reminder that i've moved this account to catgirl.science: @eq

i think i might have somehow not followed everyone from my other account what


periodic reminder that i've moved this account to catgirl.science: @eq

doing a podcast is called Activism, sweaty. look it up

if you're gay and you know it ajskfkhkflslhhdjg 👏 👏

the 8th Daily Java for Daily Java January is upon us, friends

Cooking reviews be one of two ways:

* ONE STAR!! this recipe is so garbage. Doesn’t even taste good. I was out of flour so I substituted talcum powder, and used motor oil instead of olive (better flavor, i think). Didnt have chicken so used chick peas (5/7 letters, close enough). Bad recipe, dont recommend.

***** This recipe for chicken and dumplings is amazing. I didn’t follow any of the measurements. I added six things. I baked at a different heat. My fourteen children loved it! Five stars!

Dystopia is a white people word that means “what if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

quick typography study because I felt like making something weird and pretty tonight: slitscan through the center axis of rotating superimposed capital/lowercase letters

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