wonder what the Hackers (1995) soundtrack would be like if it were made today

Nulled.red is open for registrations again! If you don't have one and I'm still going to die

there are no statistics on software developer sexuality but i believe my chart remains fairly conclusive.

a Black Mirror episode that goes into the lives of all of the Mega Man robots

fuck what recipes say, measure garlic with your heart

holy shit. i think this might be my worst work yet. I LOVE IT. PLEASE watch this..

bet: the link to this tweet won't work in two years

introducing the worlds smallest mobile solar powered #gopher #tilde site with just 267 active users. solar battery is swapped out every 16 hours. proxy access at gopher.club #new #introductions

this next song's called The Cherry MX Blues and it goes a little something like this


who wants to play some fuckin pong
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