Omfg I know I said I'd stop getting my friend into weird shit because he got botulism last time but I'm 100% I can get him to try colonics
@roko does colonics have something to do with colon
@shpuld I remember some lady at work (in the late #1990s) was always talking about colonics. It seemed to be the same people who now talk about "colon cleansing", so it might just be an earlier name.
@shpuld My first reply seemed a little confused ...

I remember a lady I used to work with in the #1990s used to use the word "colonics" fairly often in her conversations.

She seemed to be part of the same group or movement that talks about "colon cleansing" today, so colonic may just be an earlier name for the same thing.

@lnxw48a1 @shpuld its when they pump water into your intestines in order to clean it and remove the plaque

@lnxw48a1 @shpuld an enema is just the immediate anus but a colonic is the whole works
or at least as far as i know

@dog @shpuld Is that different from a "colon cleanse"?

The people I've known that talked about colonics and such were of the view that "a secret global conspiracy seeks to rule the world", so I didn't wish to ask any questions.
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