@dog hello! how are you, fellow nulled.red user

@dog hey, uhh, did anything on my profile offend you? i accept criticism

@dog sorry for that lol, i might have been a bit too harsh. how was your day?

@dog hey!! it's been a while. how have you been

@dog hey, everything alright? you've been a bit quiet recently

@dog perhaps the weather's just bad... good thing spring's coming soon, eh?

@dog happy march!!

..yeah, i know i'm 3 days late. how are you?

@dog Hey dog! Hope you're feeling O.K., fellow instance-mate!

@dog happy first day of spring!

i know i'm 2 days late but i thought i'd let you know. have fun!

@dog oh wait, it's hard to have fun in spring during covid. oh well. stay safe

@dog oh wow, it's already april. have you heard about online festivals? i think you should check some out. they're happening all the time right now due to quarantine

@dog been feeling summer-y for the past few days. how about you?

@dog happy summer! what are your summer plans?

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