if youre actually going to take me seriously then thats on you sorry bud

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@dog hey Colby, I wanted to drop in and rely an experience I’ve had with dealing with white supremacists/neo nazis in meat space. (One of them being my ex-uncle)

What I’ve observed is that neo nazis, white supremacists, fascists, etc do not believe in the power of words. Routinely in my life, my ex-uncle, my neo nazi classmates, would tell very bigoted “jokes” and then immediately start yelling at me that it was just a joke.

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So, I’m 29 years old- and had some of my formative years in close proximity to actual fascists. I understand the warning signs when an individual starts making bigoted “jokes” and then get violent verbally-

I’ve been silenced and seen too many wonderful people silenced by this type of micro aggression, please stop making ancap/right leaning “jokes”

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