i am the best thing to hammer to fediverse servers

@dog you've made people think my instance is fascist you dumbass.

@dog look at your damn icon and some of the shit you post. I know it's a joke but come on! Plus boosting older posts of people talking about my instance is just going to start more shit.

@amic its a fucking joke ancap icon, asshole.

@amic So then it's not my fault if people want to go around hunting for fascists. Fuck them.

@dog it honestly doesn't feel like a "joke" with some of your views that you've expressed recently.

@dog You went on in a call trying to talk about how anarcho capitalism would work about two weeks ago.

@amic it was a fucking joke you absolute dipshit. fuck off and stop trying to make me look like a fascist.

@dog @amic

dw about it ami! we're all fascists here! i mean friends, we're all friends here!

@dog why are you getting so hostile? I'm not trying to make you look like a fascist, you're doing that yourself. You need to calm down and stop insulting people

When you can, reread my rules.

@amic Because I don't take kindly to being called a fascist on barely any evidence.

@dog @amic yes i agree "people want to go around hunting for fascists. Fuck them." they might as well hunt themselfs.........
@dog Yeah, you should probably change it. Not everyone gets the joke, especially when you throw f-words around like candy canes.
@amic @dog ami people think my instance is fascist

i swear some people decide to believe that kind of shit just so they have another strawman to burn
@karen @amic @dog hey pls rember what I said abous discourse I'm going to sleep NO discourse allowed

@karen @amic @dog could be me get called the other n word when i am just a confused guy living in odd world

@dog @amic

you said the wrong thing in the wrong way as the wrong person

methods will not be revealed. all judgments are probably final.
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