@dog I used to hear about people that imported a bride from Russia. Maybe other countries, too, but I only heard about people paying for Russian brides. No guarantee she wouldn't leave once she got citizenship, either.
@lnxw48a1 @dog This is a really weird concept to me. In my mind, you'd have to be quite unpleasant to be around to have to pay for a Russian bride.

I mean, you are already doing her a favor by marrying her. A BIG favor, probably worth tens of thousands of dollars. And I'm assuming that girls that go through this were looking at a really unpleasant future where they're from.
@guizzy @dog It is weird to me also. But someone that is so unwanted that they would be considering such things might indeed be that unpleasant.
@lnxw48a1 @dog Maybe, but on the other hand I don't really judge someone who does essentially the same thing without money being explicitely involved.

I have some acquaintances who are rather unpopular with girls here, who went on vacation to Asia (and I don't mean Korea or Japan, I mean China, Vietnam, Thailand...) and come back with girlfriends and plans of marriage. One of them the plan fell through as the girl found another western guy to marry, the other did go through with it, and the girl divorced him as soon as she got her citizenship. But in both cases, they didn't have to pay for it.

I guess part of it comes down to naïveté. It's hard to ignore the hard transactional nature of the relationship if money is directly involved, while the guys who don't pay for a foreign bride can wish, and delude themselves, into thinking there's genuine emotion involved.

Although there could be a cultural aspect to it. Asian cultures do openly consider the lifestyle a husband can afford his family as points of attraction, whereas it's considered unsightly and taboo in the West (not that it doesn't happen, but it's kept hypocritically hidden, doing it openly usually opens a girl to accusations of "gold-digging").
@guizzy I love that some Asian girls will just tell you "earn more money and don't get fat".
@lain@testing.pleroma.lol If an Asian girl can be non-Asian, why can't I be Asian inside?
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