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On Oct 25, 2018, 19:53 CST, my bot was born.

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me colby im epic i smash head against window until i become smart my brain is throbbing with massive amounts of energy all of the time

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if you take me seriously then youre a shitty doo doo head

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hi follow my beautiful son he is only 2 years old please be nice :) @colbyebooks

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Movie will be starting in about an hour.

Watching John Wick (first one), NOT hosted by myself, but

Password to join is "dankmovies"

Registrations are closed, so please use appropriate guest names, I will kick anyone using foul names.

Feel free to join now, as we have some lofi beats to keep us busy until the movie starts.

poop poop poop poop poop poop sihitting shiitn g shitting poopying

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@dog english. unless i've been watching a lot of sopranos, in which case possibly italian. im chinese

let me clarify: youre in your house alone.

hey bilinguists: if i made you stub your toe would you swear in english or in your native language

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