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iai slash was such a good addition to the gameplay loop for ls

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i'm starting to get very good with the longsword in mhw

stepping into a room and feeling the air pressure change from the presence of A Fucker

"i am the fucker here" is such a powerful phrase

being in a position to buy bandcamp albums is very nice

csgo is having a good day incase you were wondering

iceborne "final boss" spoilers 

i fired an sos flare on a shara ishvalda fight and all 4 of us were using longswords, it is so funny seeing 4 giant katanas absolutely shredding a giant rock

ironically i only needed scales from pink rath and i didnt have enough of those after this quest lol

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adhd question 

thinking that i might have it. are there any surefire signs of it or is it a case-by-case thing? is it worth going to a doctor about adhd and looking into meds or is it better to just learn to navigate it yourself?

just decided that i'm powerful. thanks

Guru as consistent as ever too. there's obviously not anything new on it in terms of flow or topic but that doesn't detract from the record, it's more Gang Starr, that's all i wanted from it

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DJ Premier really did this album justice, he's really mastered his technique over the years, From A Distance is an instant classic

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hello i am listening to the new Gang Starr album

who let mavi go so hard on El Toro holy shit

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woke up this morning to find out that earl dropped a project so today is pretty good

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