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this is a uk site. theyve had so much time. how is this still happening

just sent a job application to a repair centre and the site cant accept any CVs because theyre still not GDPR compliant

@realmaxkeeble yeah it lasts longer than it has any right to and it somewhat repetitive unless you like it

im delcaring this a Good Game purely based off of this one setting and logging off for the day 's

they have "convert text chat to speech" and "convert speech to text chat" options in their settings, which probably isnt perfect but i feel like thats a very fucking cool thing for inclusion. i dont think ive seen a "speech-to-text" voice chat option in any other game

alright apex legends looks pretty fucking neat actually

i was very obviously about to keel over and fall asleep mid call earlier and one of my friends said that they could hear my eyelids

time to think about the Friendly Bush Warbler

God isn't dead, @cerret is europe that means lol

the only exception to this has been with my best friend who gushed about me on his private acct :blobcatrainbow:

almost every time i fav a "fav for an indirect" post someone mentions birds in mine

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