@flussence i didnt think that before but im choosing to believe it now

@selontheweb in reality i am probably small calm but i love bastard energy too much to not want a relationship like that

i am bastard looking for another bastard or someone to like me and be mad about it

dating website but you choose your archetype based on this character sheet

@citrustwee @selontheweb i should know better than to doubt the existence of these things

@citrustwee amazing the cash online unknown (i mean my baby bi)

i need to find what he sampled for this hoooly

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today i saw a summer tanager!

i thought it was a cardinal at first, but it wasn't! it was a different red bird, and not a scarlet tanager! for some reason the summer tanager is even redder than the scarlet one, a fact i will never stop enjoying.

did you know they are the only all-red bird in north america? because they are. this is how you know them. they are red and uncrested.

the ladies have a kinda yellow thing going on instead, which is fun.


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