this post became so much more boring so quickly

oh that is actually a word apparently

@selontheweb the soul blinks a bit more slowly and exhales slightly more than usual upon hearing "We understand that your time is valuable. Thank you for holding."

personally i love going to find a specific tutorial and managing to find two

personally i love closing a tutorial page and then not being able to find it again

@selontheweb godforsaken website suits you a lot better than cryptids imo, good to see u again, how are u doing

ok it would be a good idea to make my own model for this exercise probably

@toffee its not mine HAHAHA its an example image from the microsoft site

"will that stop you?," i hear you ask. do you take me for a coward?

my fabled "ram head into program until i figure out how it works" style of learning doesnt work as well when im approaching a programming project

@garfiald thanks for the post garf. i have no idea what it says

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i would fucking hate it if people read my posts on here

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