just found out that theres a species of duck that stands upright like a penguin. they are called Indian Runner ducks. i fucking love birds

youtube, i dont know what kind of fucking heathen you think i am, but i am NOT doing this

i just found out about the African Pygmy Falcon and now so have you LOOK AT IT

i went to google my name and im not really sure what firefox meant by this

it's the 31st of Daily Java January, and thus concludes the Daily Java thread! thanks for hangin out

this one's on time! it's the 30th of Daily Java January, friends

i technically slept through the 29th, but it's still the 29th of Daily Java January somewhere in the world!

hey! it's the 28th of Daily Java January, this one's visiting some distant cousins, and it's just tall enough to see what theyre lookin at

the face my monitor was making while it strangled my pc's resources

it was doing this too before it decided it wanted to take everything down with it

(daily java january voice) it's the 27th of Daily Java January!

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