dating website but you choose your archetype based on this character sheet

sampling became a staple of hip hop due to its origins; you can actually trace the "birth place of hip hop" down to the recreation room of a single apartment building: 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, in the Bronx. the use of multiple copies of the same record played alternately on two turntables in order to extend the instrumental break of a song, combined with an improv freestyle, sparked hip hop culture and inspired many old school emcees at the time

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redid my music thing
tried fitting some stuff that wasnt hiphop in there for variety's sake but it was very difficult to do that, i need to find a way to do this a bit easier so i can expand it

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wanted to replace the mastodon with Run Goose before i slept but it's not actually happening, anyone know why that is

dont understand how ive managed to colour some of the icons by accident but theres that i guess

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