i just found out about the African Pygmy Falcon and now so have you LOOK AT IT

their average body length is about 20cm (8in), making them the smallest raptor in Africa, and they just kinda hang out in Weaver bird nests and help em out by hunting possible predators

they are also not even close to being endangered yet which makes me happy :blobcatrainbow:

@cerret ah they're fine now. I guess there was a temp error.

@cerret they look so cute, but I bet they could tear you to pieces!

@GwenfarsGarden theyre known to defend their nests from snakes in the wild, so theyre definitely not to be messed with!

@cerret that's it. that's my fursona. some vicious dinosaur that is fluffy.

@cerret Floofy friend (can be Floofy Fiend in a split-second)

such an adorable birb!

@cerret bird legs are the best things ever they look so funny

@VyrCossont they prey on lizards, large insects, and some small rodents and birds, they *usually* stays sociable with weaver birds though as they tend to use their nests rather than making their own

@cerret neat. i wonder if the weavers get anything out of it.

@VyrCossont pygmy falcons are known to defend their nests against dangers such as snakes and other predators, so the weavers get safety while the falcons get food!

@cerret The little baby falcon is so good! Such a little pretty bird. Thank you for posting!

That falcon knows how smol and soft it is. It just wants to be taken seriously...

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