it's the 2nd of Daily Java January. this is the calmest picture of a java finch you will ever see in your life. these fuckers are perpetually angry 70% of the time

it's the 3rd of Daily Java January! here's an example of an Angry Java, ready to tear this entire world asunder

a 4th Java finch? on Daily Java January? it's more likely than you think...

hello! it's the 5th of Daily Java January! i was struggling for captions on last month's thread, but birds are what i Must Provide

it is the 7th of Daily Java January! java finches are a very social animals but also very timid towards humans, meaning that you will often see them kept in groups to help them stay mentally healthy

the 8th Daily Java for Daily Java January is upon us, friends

hello. it's the 9th of Daily Java January. please be quiet, this Java is about to take a nap

Your security camera detected movement on: 10 Daily Java January 2019, 03:32 am.

hello! it's the 11th of Daily Java January. i thought it was the 12th while i was in the shower and panicked thinking i had missed a day, but we all good

the birdposting time is upon us; it's the 12th of Daily Java January, and you are getting a Daily Java delivered RIGHT to your timeline

shhh. it's the 13th of Daily Java January. this Java's trying to be sneaky. probably gonna scream right after

legends say that if you say "Daily Java" 3 times into a mirror on the 14th of Daily Java January, this java will launch itself through the mirror at light speed

hi! it's the 15th of Daily Java January, i hope you have had a fantastic day today

hey. it's the 16th of Daily Java January. this one wants to come see what youre doin. open the door pleas

it's the 17th of Daily Java January. the floor happens to be lava today, but this one aint touching the ground anytime soon

good morning! it's the 18th of Daily Java January! bet you didnt see this post coming, huh

it's the 19th of Daily Java January. look at the Java. have you looked at the Java? look at the Java. ok thanks

it's the 20th of Daily Java January, and i need you to have the same proud energy today as this Java does

the 21st of Daily Java January is upon us. theres a chance that it's this Javas birthday today. are you gonna take the chance and wish it a happy birthday?

ello it is the 22nd of Daily Java January friends please enjoy java pic please and thank


gamers, you know what time it is; it's the 23rd of Daily Java January

it's the 24th of Daily Java January. can you tell that im running out of captions for this thread yet

oh my GOD it finally uploaded successfully, hello this is the 25th Daily Java January post blame wasabi for the lateness

psst. hey. hey. over here. it's the 26th of Daily Java January

(daily java january voice) it's the 27th of Daily Java January!

hey! it's the 28th of Daily Java January, this one's visiting some distant cousins, and it's just tall enough to see what theyre lookin at

i technically slept through the 29th, but it's still the 29th of Daily Java January somewhere in the world!

this one's on time! it's the 30th of Daily Java January, friends

it's the 31st of Daily Java January, and thus concludes the Daily Java thread! thanks for hangin out

@cerret thank u for being the best calendar in existence

I see these occasionally and I'm always so happy that it has nothing to do with the language lmao, sorry. i meant, "definitely still is over here". my head is somewhere else atm

@Kat i even had a decent caption for this one cause i knew it was your birthday

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