here's your second Daily Duck for Daily Duck December

a 4th duck? on Daily Duck December? it's more likely than you think

merry Wednesday, here's your 5th Daily Duck for Daily Duck December

gamers, it's the 6th of Daily Duck December and Duck Squad needs your help to get this bread. all they need to secure it is your boosts!


science has proven that seeing an image of a duck every day of Daily Duck December grants you Free Money. that being said, here's your 8th duck


it's the 9th of Daily Duck December and i need you to look at how well dressed this duck is

it's the 10th of Daily Duck December. you know the drill by now. look at the damn duck


you're getting your 12th Daily Duck December post super fucking early this morning so that i dont accidentally sleep through the entire day and miss it ok cool thanks

it's the 13th of Daily Duck December. i am rapidly running out of captions and there are still 18 days left

survivor's log: 14th of Daily Duck December. they're cloning themselves now. don't know how much longer i can hold out

it's the 15th of Daily Duck December, but there seems to be something wrong; a dog has infiltrated the Duck Database, please welcome it anyway

it's the 16th of Daily Duck December and it's time to get these gains, friends

it's the 17th of Daily Duck December. i do not have a clever caption, i am simply in awe of the amount of friendship energy this image gives off

it's day 18 of Daily Duck December which means it's a WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS

this is your 19th Daily Duck for Daily Duck December. it's a big one. look at this fucking unit. fucking look at it

20th of Daily Duck December. two ducks, perfectly balanced, as all things should be

haha. just kidding. there is never enough Duck. here's your 21st bunch for Daily Duck December

it's the 22nd of Daily Duck December. be proud of your accomplishments today, just like this glorious Duck here

WOw the 23rd post i made didnt actually post from my phone and i didnt notice until now here is your belated Daily Duck December post

it's the 24th of December! if you are out being festive tomorrow have a good Christmas, and regardless of where you are or what you're doing, try to be as cozy as this Daily Duck

it's the 25th day of Daily Duck December! on this day, my gift to you is this wonderful picture, and you better fucking like it

the Daily Ducks do not end at Christmas; here is your 26th of December Duck

@cerret imagine my struggle with the birthday bit. i gotta think of some new bullshit to say that it's my birthday every single day

@citrustwee the struggle must be immense, eve. truly braver than the troops

@cerret Day 14: I feel... cold; the captions have stopped coming. Right now I fear for the worst.

@duckartes @cerret
absolutely. I'm working on animal themed usb drives for sale ...instead of just a dongle you get the animal on the end as a handle. All the aquatic themed bird models are waterproof USB drives, down to 6 meters...

@cerret And also awesome elegance... ah noble Ducks!

@cerret "hello, this cute duck is screaming at me for no reason"

@cerret i cant wait to go through this on new years eve and boost every single one to bother my friends

@cerret Wait, I got this!

It’s Dogly Duck Dogduckber!

Yeah, I definitely got it. Cool.

@cerret That duck looks pretty goosey for a duck.

@daskeit keep look҉͈̖̗̝͚i̼͈̳͠n̥͇̤g̩͚̠̲̖̝

@cerret I particularly enjoy how the placement of the cactus makes it look like the duck is spewing cacti from its mouth

a cactus breath weapon

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