if colby dies in a forest and noone's there to hear him does he make a sound

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User interfaces like this that try to be all "relatable" in a cutesy, cultivated-marketing-identity manner really rub me the wrong way. I've taught ESL and I've studied other languages and this is really frickin' obnoxious for folks who aren't native speakers. Cut it out, tech companies.

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Cloudflare needs access to files, microphone/audio and the media database, what the name of your WiFi is, all the known WiFi networks as well as mobile data settings.

All this to provide a VPN that proxies everything through as the DNS.

Not a single permission except internet access is needed to setup a VPN on Android and they are not changing your DNS configuration otherwise they would need to request the "Change Network Settings" permission, which is not listed in the requested permissions list.

schedule already slightly fucked goodnight

was gonna go to bed but now ive been inspired to start up a minecraft world

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if youre planning on getting an AOC monitor for any particular reason, please dont

my previous fix for this kind of issue (i get issues with connecting this monitor fairly frequently) was to unplug my DP cable, plug it in with a HDMI cable, and then replug the DP cable and that also fixed it somehow, but i found that just bashing my head against the power switch is much easier

>monitor bugs out after driver install; is named "Display Monitor" and resolution is locked at 640x480
>turn it off & on at the plug; it stops connecting entirely
>turn it off & on again; it suddenly works fine

i hate computers

i'm glad to be back at my own keyboard but now i'm used to the keyboard i was using before and i cant type for shit

i have 4 more days to grind kulve taroth for some weapons i really want out of her rewards

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