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bout time for a re- i guess:
hi im cerret!

i'm also:
✔️ trans girl
✔️ video editor (youtube shit)
✔️ absolutely indestructible
✔️ hiphop music/history fan (Earl Sweatshirt, Wu-Tang Clan, Gang Starr, Madlib)
✔️ video game tryhard
✔️ armed to the teeth with bird images

if i know you well enough you can ask for my discord/steam/etc. recommend me music please and thank

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sometimes i remember hiphop instrumentals and just think "wow. holy fuck"

i actually woke up at 9, and then seamlessly fell asleep again until 12

this is just an excuse to post a duck actually

damn, cant believe eugen ceased to exist on this mortal plane

there's a barely audible sound in GONE, GONE that sounds like "Ellis" and i keep thinking someone's calling me from downstairs

the tempo change on A BOY IS A GUN is absolutely fucking genius

not sure what it is but i think tyler's production has improved a lot on this album. i dont know whether to attribute that to him maturing as an artist or to how this album is constructed. probably both

i think tyler was right to say that you shouldnt go into IGOR expecting a rap album because it's definitely not that; it definitely listens as more of a story, and i think tyler's style of production compliments this kind of project really fucking well. i enjoy listening to this wayyy more than i ever did flower boy (and any of his other projects if im being honest)

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