eating breadsticks without the skin

this post became so much more boring so quickly

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personally i love going to find a specific tutorial and managing to find two

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personally i love closing a tutorial page and then not being able to find it again

ok it would be a good idea to make my own model for this exercise probably

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"will that stop you?," i hear you ask. do you take me for a coward?

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my fabled "ram head into program until i figure out how it works" style of learning doesnt work as well when im approaching a programming project

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i would fucking hate it if people read my posts on here

thinking about being today, any thoughts

i cant imagine what Savage Deviljho is gonna be like since jho's entire gimmick is being perpetually furious

correction: tobi-kadachi exists but is vulnerable to shock traps anyway

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in my defense the only other lightning-based monster in the game before iceborne was kirin and that was an elder dragon which was immune to traps anyway

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just tried using a shock trap on a lightning-based monster ama

needed a new inner tube cause it had already gone through a couple repairs and got a puncture in an awkward place, so i did that and then cleaned/derusted almost the entire thing

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just accidentally spent a solid 3 hours fixing my bike

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