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sometimes i remember hiphop instrumentals and just think "wow. holy fuck"

my brother stuck my copy of splatoon 2 to the ceilng!!!

you've heard of Air Bud well get ready for Ground Bud, a regular dog. he walks around

timeline moved so i faved a hornypost by accident thank's

pixel art, :boost_ok: 

almost got to apply to work for a charity but they advertised in my area and were not actually looking for people in my area :angery:

is there literally any point to forwarding reports to the librem instance

me when pollen attacks my nose but i still dont sneeze

i forgot to take allergy meds AGAIN and my nose is fizzy now

good morning im thinking about the Friendly Bush Warbler

how did freddie gibbs just slap a freestyle on bandana and it still go hard

i dont know whether this says more about my hand-eye coordination or my desk organisation

i keep hitting my mic's pop filter by accident reaching for shit on my desk

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