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hi im cerret
i am also:
✅ bird enthusiast
✅ video game extraordinaire
✅ hiphop fan
✅ video editor
✅ approachable about anything!

ask me for a picture of any animal and im sending you a bird and theres nothing you can do about it x

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im wondering if i hold my tongue too much

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decentralizing my closet by taking all my clothes and throwing them on the fucking floor

tired: making a long, complicated password that will take a brute force attack years to crack

wired: making a password that violates the password policy of the site so that hackers dont bother checking the invalid password

it's the 17th of Daily Java January. the floor happens to be lava today, but this one aint touching the ground anytime soon

my "to-do" list of his discography isnt even done yet and its 120 songs long

bloody hell KRS-One made a lot of albums and hes still at it

(the comments that prompted these posts were from @selontheweb and @johnrandom, just wanna let you two know that ur appreciated x 💫)

my best friend has made a habit out of going out of his way to compliment artists that he stumbles upon and the reactions he gets out of that are so sweet

i sometimes screenshot comments saying something sweet/nice about me and i end up stumbling upon those comments when i look for other stuff and it feels great seeing em

hey. it's the 16th of Daily Java January. this one wants to come see what youre doin. open the door pleas

my sleep schedule is, as one might say, Fucked

thinking about the Friendly Bush Warbler again

pulling a tectonic plate over myself like a blanket

once this spot on my chin goes away it is, as a wise person once said, over for you motherfuckers

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ok since I'm popular on fediverse time to sign some autographs

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cerret is a qt. change my mind.

someone sent me an email today saying "Please find attached ______" and then they forgot the attachment

hi! it's the 15th of Daily Java January, i hope you have had a fantastic day today

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