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I just saw that my instance host, @amic, has a and she gives patrons access to a . That's pretty cool! I thought I'd send her $5 or so, but $8.99 to support her + get a VPS would be nice. I just don't know how I'd use it, even less so than with , which has tons of guides.

Dang, this morning the air quality is already substantially worse than it was yesterday around midday yesterday.

I've had a car for five days, haven't driven it in three, and I'm paying how much for this privilege? 🤯

I just went out and skated a bit because the air quality is good. I'm rusty and aching, but it was nice and the breeze out is very nice.

Oh! My lapse in due to the fires and smoke presents a decent case study for my skateboarding analytics! I'll get to use my methods to see if the lapse in skating had a dramatic effect upon my skills. 😃 Yay for silver linings!

@feld Do you have any pointers for how I should go about browsing through the backup you sent me? It seems like different types of data is mixed in, and I don't see how my own posts are distinguished from reposts.

@bthall If you hadn’t suddenly increased your cigarette smoking from 0 to 32,000,000,000 per day, NorCal wouldn’t have so much smoke.

With all the smoke in the air here in California, I haven't skateboarded in a week or so (my only significant form of exercise), and my body's muscles seem to be whining about not being used anymore.

Covid-19; Student privacy violations 

> The app is designed to track students’ real-time locations around the clock, and there is no way to opt out

> Worse, the app had at least two security vulnerabilities only discovered after the app was rolled out. One of the vulnerabilities allowed access to the app’s back-end servers. The other allowed us to infer a student’s COVID-19 test results.

oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

I'm having more fun with the book.

I'm reading it so that I can make a site that lets me (and others) record their in a structured way. With a small amount of additional work, it would also let people easily access and distribute the data for further analysis.

It'd be cool to also offer some sort of analytics within the site, but that's less important than dealing with the of data collection.

I've been recording the data manually (pen and paper, then input to spreadsheet, then clean it in R), and a website would cut out two or three steps, which eliminates big delays from recording to analysis.

I updated the links on my to my main accounts (this one and the one at, @bthall).

I realized that it's confusing for me to be like "oh hey guys, I'm moving my homebase to B" and yet still link to the old place.

Dude, it's really nice that provides an admin interface out of the box (a nice one, too!). :O

After going through the first three chapters on their site, I've bought that Django book to go through the rest. :)

Sweet! I just received in the mail my pre-ordered copy of Regression and Other Stories, a book about applied statistics by one of my favorite people in , Andrew Gelman.

I've been psyched for this since hearing about it on this podcast episode:

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