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Covid-19; Student privacy violations 

> The app is designed to track students’ real-time locations around the clock, and there is no way to opt out

> Worse, the app had at least two security vulnerabilities only discovered after the app was rolled out. One of the vulnerabilities allowed access to the app’s back-end servers. The other allowed us to infer a student’s COVID-19 test results.

oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

you get the feeling that some people think the fediverse is basically the queerverse, and cishet people can gtfo of it

many of these people left twitter and other networks because people told *them* to gtfo, yet they do the same thing, almost as a form of revenge.

I'm having more fun with the book.

I'm reading it so that I can make a site that lets me (and others) record their in a structured way. With a small amount of additional work, it would also let people easily access and distribute the data for further analysis.

It'd be cool to also offer some sort of analytics within the site, but that's less important than dealing with the of data collection.

I've been recording the data manually (pen and paper, then input to spreadsheet, then clean it in R), and a website would cut out two or three steps, which eliminates big delays from recording to analysis.

I updated the links on my to my main accounts (this one and the one at, @bthall).

I realized that it's confusing for me to be like "oh hey guys, I'm moving my homebase to B" and yet still link to the old place.

Dude, it's really nice that provides an admin interface out of the box (a nice one, too!). :O

After going through the first three chapters on their site, I've bought that Django book to go through the rest. :)

Sweet! I just received in the mail my pre-ordered copy of Regression and Other Stories, a book about applied statistics by one of my favorite people in , Andrew Gelman.

I've been psyched for this since hearing about it on this podcast episode:

I'm waiting in line at the DMV to check in for the driving test

I unlocked a few badge on ():

> Beer of the World: Traveling the world is hard, but not for you. It's as easy as cracking open a new brew! You have had a beer from at least 5 different regions around the world. Try 5 more for Level 2!

Tomorrow morning I'll take a behind-the-wheel test for the first time. Though I think I'll do fine on it, I still feel uneasy about the prospect of not passing.

I'm on my lunch break and am using some of the time to finally start going through this book to make a site.

Good morning! This is my first post on the instance Thank you, @amic, for accepting my request to join.

I was @bthall for a long while, but I'm moving to so I can keep my posts from auto-expiring.

You might also know me as @bthall or, long ago, @bthall is an any-topic moderated Mastodon instance made by me, Ami. Hosted in Roubaix, France.