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The air quality in my part of is less good than I thought it was, so I might hold off on skating for a while. :X

For those of us in California, remember to vote No on Prop 16. Voting "No" on 16 is literally a No to allowing the state government to discriminate against people based on "race, sex, or ethnicity, specifically in the areas of public employment, public contracting, and public education."

I feel somewhat bad for not recording data during these recent times when I've gone skating, as I imagine that the line graph of my skill level should have a sag in it during this time period, whereas now it's just going to have no data whatsoever. And I'll likely forget about this time period, so future analysis would likely make me want to falsely assume that this time had no change in skill level beyond the levels from before and after the gap in records.

I did some skating today, but it was still light because my muscles seem to be weak still and tire quickly.

What do you think the split in national votes between Trump and Biden will be? It'll be fun to check in on the predictions after the election.

I'm thinking a 53%/47% split.

I did some skating today, but it was only light stuff because I'm so out of shape from lack of practice/exercise. 😥 I didn't bother with recording the few tricks that I did attempt.

Oooh yes, it's slightly chilly here today, so I get to get snug. I've missed the snug .

Oh I misread it as suggesting that it'll be in October. 😅 I'll still try to attend!

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@chrisaldrich Hi Chris, thank you for your work with implementing and explaining how you use with . I'll try to set it up on my static version of TiddlyWiki.

I'm also likely going to attend Saturday's IndieWeb East for most of the day. Thanks for making me aware of it. :)

I learned what I needed about via this set of video tutorials (they're much better than the others I'd found): youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVt

The creator now has a course on Org-mode, so check that out: udemy.com/course/getting-yours

I think I'm now familiar enough with and to use org-mode to do what I need to do. 😄 (Extract notes that I've taken on my phone via and stick them onto my for refinement.)

Tonight I went through the tutorial. It was made somewhat difficult by the keymappings that I've installed via , but it was still good.

I'll look for a more thorough tutorial that delves into how to navigate the echo panes (I think that's the term for the buffer of commands that pops up when you have only partially entered a command).

Today I've been following YouTube tutorials about how to use . Technically I can use it, but a big thing I need it for is exporting all notes I've taken via my phone that are tagged with certain tag so I can move them over to my and not see them as prominently in the list of all notes. That's a while down the line, still (I'm seeing that you can code up solutions for exporting to a file whole agenda views of a specific tag, which is what I'd need).

Burning the CA tax code might keep the fires going for a couple more months

The air quality in my part of has finally improved to decent levels.

I just spent some time skating outside, but there was enough smokiness in the air to lead me to come back inside. I'm guessing that though the aggregate air quality for my city is OK, my house just happens to be in a pocket of smokey air. 🥂

I'm currently trying to figure out where we can reschedule our vacation to. Almost all places in the state have similar or worse air quality than where we live.

I'm sad that Sausalito's hotel prices are still so high, but their air quality *is* minorly better than San Francisco's (as it's closer to the coast than SF).

This morning I realized that since I read and worked through much of the books, I now have much of the knowledge that I had previously needed to make a separate website idea that I had a year or two ago. :)

That idea has more potential for (1) taking off and (2) benefiting people than the skateboarding project, so I'll make the skateboarding project less of a priority for now :)

Today I discovered that I've received a decent number of tips (40+ whole tokens) from users on my site. Very unanticipated. :)

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