I'm currently trying to figure out where we can reschedule our vacation to. Almost all places in the state have similar or worse air quality than where we live.

I'm sad that Sausalito's hotel prices are still so high, but their air quality *is* minorly better than San Francisco's (as it's closer to the coast than SF).

This morning I realized that since I read and worked through much of the books, I now have much of the knowledge that I had previously needed to make a separate website idea that I had a year or two ago. :)

That idea has more potential for (1) taking off and (2) benefiting people than the skateboarding project, so I'll make the skateboarding project less of a priority for now :)

Today I discovered that I've received a decent number of tips (40+ whole tokens) from users on my site. Very unanticipated. :)

Newsletters are poor substitutes for RSS feeds. :/

Oof. My family's watching The Founder. It's so tough watching the main character descend into being a jerk. Especially when he pursues other women and demands a divorce from his wife who's really supportive of him. :(

It makes me feel so thankful though for my girlfriend, who's wonderful ... harsh at times, but supportive and wonderful.

@amic It's a bit niche right now, but you might want to try out becoming a Creator via the Brave system: creators.brave.com/

Then I (and others) can send you some money via crypto for just using your site and/or tipping you through there regularly.

After skimming through the books, I feel that I don't need to read a bunch more of them for now. Rather, I need to nail down the database model for the site I want to build, then piece it together from the various, relevant chapters.

The books have lots of info about setting up and dealing with user registration, permissions, email, and search, but most of that can come later (after the main site is setup and opened to additional users).

Police release video of black murder suspect shooting himself dead in Minneapolis after fake rumor spreads that cops killed him sparking looting and violence dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8

I just saw that my instance host, @amic, has a and she gives patrons access to a . That's pretty cool! I thought I'd send her $5 or so, but $8.99 to support her + get a VPS would be nice. I just don't know how I'd use it, even less so than with , which has tons of guides.

Dang, this morning the air quality is already substantially worse than it was yesterday around midday yesterday.

I've had a car for five days, haven't driven it in three, and I'm paying how much for this privilege? 🤯

I just went out and skated a bit because the air quality is good. I'm rusty and aching, but it was nice and the breeze out is very nice.

Oh! My lapse in due to the fires and smoke presents a decent case study for my skateboarding analytics! I'll get to use my methods to see if the lapse in skating had a dramatic effect upon my skills. 😃 Yay for silver linings!

@feld Do you have any pointers for how I should go about browsing through the backup you sent me? It seems like different types of data is mixed in, and I don't see how my own posts are distinguished from reposts.

@bthall If you hadn’t suddenly increased your cigarette smoking from 0 to 32,000,000,000 per day, NorCal wouldn’t have so much smoke.

With all the smoke in the air here in California, I haven't skateboarded in a week or so (my only significant form of exercise), and my body's muscles seem to be whining about not being used anymore.

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