Oh yeah baby it's taco Tuesday up in this joint

It's me Tedical to announce that GeForce Now is NOW (haha) on Android!

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I did it, I hit the peak of my life tonight. thank you all

Y'all ever go to get fast food and your sibling be like

The people that operate the animal control vehicles must feel dead inside

@amic got a new battery for my laptop and ASKJDAKL:SJDOIDSFJGLKJWEFIOJ

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Ami Cole is a bluescreen that is unironically a good

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Spiderman, Spiderman
does whatever a spider can
spindly legs, tiny size
builds a web, catches flies
oh wait
that's just a spider

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@amic ok now like, wtf, i havent really been using my computer that much recently but apparently i have improved my WPM without me knowing WHAT THE HELL

@amic this has the energy of "fortnite burger, the look on the cashier's face" except this literally will make the photo person go what the fuck

@amic if you're feeling down today, let me tell you the amazing thing i did. I got a coupon to order any 10 4x6 photos at walgreens, so i made the best out of it.

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