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the flood of shitty texmex made by white people has made me seriously underestimate the word "spicy"

if you see the words "cajun" and "spicy" on the same label, get a goddamn glass of milk

Have a picture I took of the stars over Talimena Drive, use it for whatever you want, or print it out and wipe your ass with it

My favorite part about work is seeing baby boomers call me "ma'am" and then when I open my mouth they loudly apologize lmao why is my voice like this

I'm not out at work yet I'm going there with my nails painted today so I might bring some nail polish remover with me just in case I get yelled at or something by my manager.

Moving Fund 

My wife London and I are trying to move cross country with our daughter to live in my sister’s spare room (no rent and utilities paid), but we can’t do it without serious help.

We have no income, no savings, and nowhere else to go.

Neither of us can find work due to discrimination and disability.

It’s a 750 mile (1207 km) drive.

We’re trying to raise $1,500 USD over the next month before our lease runs out on Jan 5th.

I have to be at work in ten hours and I have had no sleep tonight as I was in a car.

@amic idk I like Arkansas cops, when they pull you over and then ask you if you have any questions they can always reliably direct you to the nearest walmart

Welp, my two month vacation in Oklahoma is over. I'm back in Arkansas!

I'm also proud to announce I'm taking a six month vacation in Oklahoma, starting now. Fuck Arkansas.

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