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Haha, here I am, back to isolating in my bedroom watching anime related to gender and romance, it's like I'm 16 and living with my parents again!!

bruh kashimashi is gonna make me cry =(

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hornybot will be handing out amicole pictures, any day now.

what if we kissed 😳

that'd be poggers 😏

yea I got that thick, but only in german

Time to fucking max out my credit card and get into more debt hahaha fuck my life I need monitors for my new job training

fucking great my monitors are smashed

you can see my "I have a toyota camry v20" and "I no longer have a toyota camry v20 and I am depressed" portions on my liked spotify songs

I also have a twitter account if anyone wants to follow


amicole was taken =(

our new neighbor is a karen and threatened to call the cops of me last night for MOVING AN OFFICE CHAIR UP THE STAIRS. Called her bluff but now I'm anxious for another reason. She sits on her porch downstairs smoking and I'm now scared to go downstairs presenting femme =///

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