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in relation to this I made a patreon if you want to support monthly.

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waiting for a top case for the MacBook to arrive in the mail so I can properly repair the trackpad and then relist it on craigslist and marketplace

when I sold it for the first time they returned it as the trackpad stopped working =)

~$, financial cta 

hi all,

Alayna and I broke up about two weeks ago and she owns the car and moved back to tahlequah, at the moment I do have a friend who is able to provide me transport but it isn't going to be a lasting thing. It's in my best interested right now to purchase a car when I get the chance. I am transferring my AR license on the 30th and I need to get a vehicle, along with help paying rent, groceries, etc. Alayna is still helping me out financially but she doesn't make much and I can't depend on her until the end of time. I am trying to find a second job but it's hard at the moment. I hate that I have to make another one of these posts again but things keep on spiraling and I need to get some stability as soon as I can. I also have a roommate who has no way of providing financial support atm so I have to cover her costs.

if you want to help support me and help continue staying up, and in getting a car that can get me to work and back (around $1000 at most, I don't care if it lasts as I'm just needing something that can get me to work and the grocery store. Wouldn't be driving more than 10 miles a day anyway.) it would help a lot. I am thankful for the help fedi has brought me back in January with getting out of the hotel and back in March when I needed to get a place.


I might make a patreon for too soon, I don't know when.

I'm tired of things being like this.

why do people want to care about me

I don't want it.

Going to focus on cleaning up house a tiny bit more and sorting out clothes, then I'm gonna start working on a programming project maybe.

Roommate: "Why do you never cook anymore!"

simple reason, I'm depressed so I don't eat anymore.

I should make another private account when I get the chance.

been watching Goodfellas with @NeikoCat

it's gud

upgrade is finished. everything is up now.






streaming the original fallout!

with facecam too!

first time playing

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