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me and ami are in our new apartment!!! we've spent all day doing stuff, my knee hurts a bit, we're tired but we're so happy to be home!

thank you @artemis for buying us a pizza, I don't think I've ever felt so happy stuffing my face before lmao

our only setback right now is that im not gonna be able to get my drivers license until drivers testing reopens, because covid shutdowns....but my parents got us a car and its registered and just waiting for the DMVs to open back up so I can finally upgrade from a learners permit

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#sonTwo sent me a link to a #Windows #SysAdmin opening not too far from his area. If I get this job, I can hang out with #GS3 on my days off.
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(Kiki is the Krita mascot, described as a "left-handed cyber-squirrel")

UPDATE: @artemis bought us pizza <33 thank you!!

if anyone wants to send alayna and I a pizza tonight so we don't have to screw around with cooking when we have no pans yet that'd be sweet

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remember in impractical jokers when they made sal smother murr with a pillow and he died hahahaha that was the best punishment

I'd like to spend more time moving stuff and get started on cleaning, but sadly I have to work. :(

Welp, I'm sitting in our new apartment now. The kitchen needs to be emptied out along with some other things but this is all stuff I can handle.

I'm really excited. I'm sitting in here right now!!

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noooo don’t test positive for COVID-19 your so sexy aha 🥴

I've realized I've slowly developed a lot of mannerisms Alayna has.

I gotta figure out how to scramble money together for household supplies alayna and I need. blah.

groceries, cleaning supplies, etc.

we'll figure it out. we've always have.

to the asshole who called my workplace and complained about me eating an apple at work: go fuck yourself. I make $10.50hr, have no paid sick leave, make $900/mo, and haven't eaten at all besides oatmeal today. fuck off.

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if a bee lands on you its because it thinks youre a pretty flower :blobcatflower:

fun fact: Alayna is good and I am gonna watch Steven Universe with her while cuddling

"it literally took like 2 seconds i dont know why i was so lazy" - ami sysadmin cole

also i like sitting on her lap

hey friends! I Fixed images! there ya go!

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