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Thank you Alibaba for recommending that I import a fuck ton of car headlights and USB chargers in bulk.

OH OH OH Also!

- Knows how to cook, kind of.

Thank you

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Johnathan "Linux" Boy, founder of Linux.

Hire me! These are my skills:

- Oh God Oh Fuck
- Oh no what the
- Two years worth of experience with THT and SMT soldering
- Linux

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going to replace my gigabit switch with an rs232 cable in solidarity with American's

cool I love not being able to use anything since my internet is only 1.5Mbps and Discord is doing a forced update which is making everything else super slow

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drawn food, Ducks 

The area near where my appendix used to be hurts.

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the dev in charge of the AHL app is sending out push notifications about the money he is owed for working on the app because his employer decided not to pay

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