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my "new thing" is sending @flussence TikTok videos

hey take a look @flussence

like this post for a chance to win a job interview

Motocorss riders love this gram for it's riding realism.

Tumblr more like Dumblr email me for a free xbox 720

ALL INSTANCES are operated by John Mastodon or Jason Pleroma, which means they allow hate speech and CRIMINAL ACTIVITY on the ENTIRE platform.Watch out!!!!!!!

@amic you may not like it, but this is what beak performance looks like

merry Wednesday, here's your 5th Daily Duck for Daily Duck December

tired: 300000 mastodon users on one server
wired: 300000 pleroma users in one house

Y'know I'd move to Oklahoma if I knew I could get a job there guaranteed and if I could fit all my shit on the back of my Moped I've had since the big bang

I just checked fedi and I saw a DM but it got deleted what to heck!!!

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