I forgot that it's a holiday and USPS won't be delivering my mail today. I hope the workers have a good time off though.

Oh dang you know what I just remembered? I got to make an announcement on the 20th.

@esp you make a very compelling case, I must say.

The only issue with having an anime avatar is having the bad anime people follow you and not the good ones.

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WHOOPS FUCKED UP sorry folks I must delete my internet account now.

cerret bashed a lamp on my wall after yelling at me to change my avatar they are truly a god

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*smashes on table repeatedly* AMI SNOOT, AMI SNOOT!

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@amic (just headbutted through your wall voice) change the fuckign avi

cerret broke into my house two weeks ago and told me if I don't change it I will get destroyed and then he kicked my door off the hinges

lol drinking coffee I just drink water and eat microwaved eggs

In order to not be destroyed by @cerret I have changed my profile photo. Thank you all.

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