This is the only good reason to own a hardware clock nowadays

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Twitter launch development of new decentralized standard for social media , to be used by their platform.

If Jack's thread was not clear, I drew this map.

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context: wasabi's bill is $6.01 for me and I changed my card on my account to my new card, they charged five bucks from me when I only had $10.84, and then tried to charge the $6.01 and it got declined.

Thankfully the $5 charge got released and didn't go through since it was just to test if it was a valid card, but it made it so that I didn't have enough to cover the bill :)

anyway thankfully I'm all good and it should be going through when it attempts again tonight.

wasabi: *charges $5 to see if card is valid instead of $1 like any other company*

also wasabi: why is this card being declined???

@trwnh if I get any IT certs (like CompTIA A+ for example) I might consider it, however I really don't want to go to college and have to pay back a loan for the rest of my life.

@trwnh my issue with the job offer was that assembly line work sounds awful, it was a schedule of "8am to finish" so you could possibly be there until closing at 10pm. that sounds like hell.

I had a company in Fayetteville offer to have me do assembly line assembly of electronics last year for $17/hour, I didn't take the offer though lol.

my main goal for 2020 is to get better at electronics repair so I can go work for one of these shitty repair places in Tulsa and hopefully make something like $15 to $20 an hour.

@KitRedgrave @trwnh they start out at $11/hour now country wide.

I think the driving force was Arkansas voting to have their minimum wage be $11/hour.

@KitRedgrave I was only making $800/mo at walmart, even at $11/hour.

My current employer (which I'm not naming) pays $10.50/hour but since I work more hours I get about $1,000/month.

That's still only $12,000/year, which sucks ass, but better than $9,600.

@trwnh "my share"

they have a program (at the bentonville location at least) where employees get a 50% bonus on one of their paycbecks every six months if they have no write ups or missed days.

they made a cake for the august myshare, next one is in february iiirc.

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isn't it cool how if you leave a bunch of atoms in an empty container for 14 billion years they eventually gain the ability to suffer

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