Self harm 

Tempted to go buy things for uh, bad purposes

Can't show up to work with bandages on my arm tho and I don't want to fuck my thighs up

Constantly stressed. My life is shit

Self harm 

I'm miserable. Why should I treat myself with respect. I look better with bruises and cuts anyway. the only thing I've been useful for in life is to he abused and hurt

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Cool how I'm completely fucking mentally broken

Self harm 

Wonder when I'll relapse lol, probably soon

Reminiscing won't help me, but I just can't help myself.

Wonder if she ever checks on my profiles to see where I'm at in life or if she just pretends I don't exist.

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me: ok im gonna clip that
switch: not enough video space

>trying to boy mode
>"What are your pronouns"

hi today's my first day here's a selfie

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flac earth theory

this entire planet and all the screams of suffering on it are just a file on someone's 5-dimensional ipod

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probably unfunny done to death snowclone 

@amic the statistic that the average person has 10 piercings is wrong. ami "piercings" cole, who has 100000+ piercings, is an outlier and should not be counted

god I want more piercings already

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