No use in being sad so I'm going to bed. I got work tomorrow anyway. Goodnight fedi.

Apologies for being so negative tonight. Not my intention.

You know I thought X-ACTO blades were meant to be sharp not the shittiest fucking thing in the universe that a pair of safety scissors could perform better

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BTW, Secret Little Haven is half off in the Steam Summer Sale! Have at it, folks! (The same discount will come to Itch as well shortly)

If you want a game about a trans girl online in the 90s, give it a shot!

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This weekend's KKK and neo-Nazi gathering will cost #Tennessee taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars because the white nationalists demand that the State protect them from the locals.

@ConfusedNyan I unloaded two semi truck trailers, so yeah it was long.

@kaikatsu I just got home so give me a bit, but olivia should be able to turn it on via the /gamerule command.

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