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well that was fast. be literally dmed them on Twitter a few minutes ago.

cool I just got fucked over by an auto renewal trial. contacting the company and I'm going to complain.

every time I open and shut my door it sounds like I'm opening the door to a giant fucking victorian mansion

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@abi basically just component to HDMI adapters, not bad though.

@karen tips:

use leaded solder, use a proper station (I recommend the KSGER T12 station, basically a $60 USD Hakko T12-tip compatible station), use flux externally if needed, and have proper lighting and a pair of soldering hands!

it takes practice. my first projects went awful and I broke SIX gameboy pockets trying to backlight mod them. Don't let that stop you though!!!

@karen I stopped coding as I was bad at it so now I do the physical annoying hell work except my housing situation has been so fucked since August that I haven't had the ability to do it for a long while lolllllll

I find it so funny that I have such a big bed yet all I do is shove myself in a tiny corner and wrap myself up in a blanket burrito

remind me to renew my last few bills, buy 220uf nichicon caps, 180ohm resistors, and separate mine and alayna's stuff tomorrow

@ida I hate to say this but it'll probably just be me streaming by myself when I start again, at least for a while...

haven't seen this equipment set up and ready to work in over a year. I'm happy, welcome home <3

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