Found a clean 2001 Volvo S60 that is going for $2K. Taylor is willing to cover $1500 but I need to get $500.

fedi I hate ebegging but as y'all know my car got hit by a truck and I am now left without a vehicle.

is there any way y'all can help me get $500 so I can buy a Volvo S60 for $2K? My friend offered to cover $1.5K as long as I pay her back when I get a job, I need a car so I can get a job here in the charleston area so any help would be great.

@amic As much as I also hate those, I would chip in if I could. Idk for some reason this post got me as way more legit than a lot of these unspecified emergency need of cash posts. Good luck to you!

@rose I mean, you can see my reddit history where I posted about buying the car. I have video footage of the accident here. It was both our faults, but god it was rainy and I'm 1,100 miles away from Oklahoma.

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