@amic bad pun but

get a plush yoda and put it in the car
then you could have a toy yoda in your toyota

@calv @amic boring fact: the founder and original company name was toyoda, and its still used on some parts

@6a62 @amic oooh that's why that came to my head, I remember hearing about that now 🤔
@amic That is pretty much exactly my favorite a e s t h e t i c for a car. Great find!

@guizzy it might not be an ae86 but it still looks a e s t h e t i c

@amic this is honestly such a fedi car this looks like the thinkpad of cars

@toffee @amic every time I see it I'm like "I miss boxy cars"

@amic V20 is exactly what i'd go for if i was ever in the position to buy a car. absolutely based
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