might lose my job lol

final complaint made about me. they're thinking on how to act

@seyerian customer complaint as I didn't say hi to a regular

@seyerian @amic wow its almost like cutting her hours and intentionally scheduling her to not receive benefits and not paying her very much means shes miserable and hates her job and doesn't smile and wave at people all the time

"you're the face of our company!" they say
@deltarae @seyerian @amic Yeah, you are the face of the company at that point. A visible example of shitty management.

@amic @seyerian

> customer complaint as I didn't say hi to a regular

do they have dockets to prove they're a regular? are they signed up for any frequent shopper programs? let's get that fucker under the spotlight and see just how loyal they are. have the guys in the back room work them over a bit. put the boots to them, medium style.

@cantinto @seyerian another thing: they demanded compensation via a $100 gift card too because of this

even though they said they'd never shop here again



@amic @seyerian "you did not say hello to me, I deserve $100"
imagine feeling this self-important
@amic @cantinto @seyerian ...this sounds like one of the customers that should be fired but management is too chickenshit to do it

@bhtooefr @seyerian @cantinto yeah. I'm doing some interviews today so hopefully I can find a new place with less awful customers.

a lot of people that shop at my work place are like this.

@amic @seyerian holy fucking shit makes me glad for UK labour laws

they'd get laughed out of court
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