our new apartment is so cozy

big enough for us, but not so big it feels EMPTY

we had an issue with the upstairs bedroom we shared, it was so huge even with three desks, a server rack, queen bed, and other smaller things it still felt fucking huge and empty.

@amic honestly i dont get this but i'm a space demon i always need more space and small rooms feel claustrophobic

@amic ok maybe not "claustrophobic" but still struggling to fit stuff

@amic that issue with the upstairs bedroom doesn’t sound like much of an issue to me :P but well, I’m a hoarder, and I’ll never have enough retro electronics stuff, so well…

@reds @amic my dad wants to kill me just because i didn’t still sell one athlon xp pc that doesn’t work lol

@jeder @amic I just remembered that my mom once told me that I need to throw an old radio that wasn’t fully working (I tried to repair it, but kinda failed) - I love how it ended on me finally throwing it out the insides, but I kept the nice woodgrain casing. It literally took up the same amount of space, but that was fine by her standards xD

nowadays my parents kinda stopped caring about stuff I have, they just occasionally roll their eyes when they hear that I bought something new to add to my “collection”

@reds @amic i actually wanted to restore that old pc for like a long time now but money money money. It would’ve been probably up by now but hard drive failed and so nope

@jeder @amic want a HDD or some other parts for those? I have a shitton of parts for Socket 462 comps, and I could send you some for cheap (because I have Allegro smart as a seller, the postage cost would be literally nonexistant, so that’s cool?)

@reds @amic hm, i am currently out of money, i’d have to wait until i finally get proper money or just neetbux which would be like in summer probably, because i have to pay for my phone and im about 600 pln from finishing, so like 3 months

@jeder @amic mkay! Still, I could send you some parts for more or less free if you pay for the postage (so like 8,99PLN or something), because I have a box of DDR1 RAM sticks and some CPUs just laying around, so.. remember about the offer if you’ll ever need anything :P

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