blahh I hate doing this but I need to

hi fedi, @alayna, @plausocks, @Elizafox, and I are living in a hotel. We're at our breaking point and need to get out, we found a 2bd 2bath location near us and we just *barely* enough where we could afford to move in to it, like, $30 left over enough. If you would be willing to donate to us so we can finally move and stop sinking our money into this hotel we'd hugely appreciate it.

Alex's PayPal:

Thank you <33

I also have a liberapay if you'd prefer to donate directly to me, but the money will be given to Alex in the end as she manages all of our finances, plus Stripe takes a tiny bit to deposit into my account.

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@amic @plausocks @Elizafox id like to reiterate that we *do* have enough to get out of here but the amount we'll have to live on after the initial move in expenses will be *very* little

at this point we *are* moving out finally

@amic Sending my spirit energy \o/
(and also some money too)

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