Never in a million years would I think the fediverse would have me living with some of my closest friends I've met on here.

Like, I'm still a bit of a train wreck, but having company around helps a lot.

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@amic kinda, same?


i've wanted to move to the seattle area for a decade

if it weren't for fedi i would not be here and i would not have all the friends i have here and i would not have this job

my life would be so much worse right now

@amic its incredible that, for once, a social media platform has actually been uplifting for people

@ky0ko while fedi has its problems it has made my life so much better. I'm out of what I would consider an abusive household and living with friends I actually care about in Tulsa, OK, which actually has things to do unlike Bentonville, AR.

Another thing that is great is I just got a new job (gotta go in to finish some paperwork tomorrow, I start this weekend) that has more hours and pays close enough to my old one, while being more relaxed.

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